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Over the past 25 years Onion Inc has built a portfolio of multichannel publishing brands spanning politics, business, science, health, celebrity culture, movies, TV, music, literature, and gaming. Onion, Inc.’s archive includes hundreds of thousands of articles, videos, images, polls, television shows, radio programs, podcasts and a feature length film.

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Onion, Inc. Stats


2:55 Average Session Duration
2.5 Average Page Depth


We reach a young, urban, educated, and affluent audience
HH Income

The Onion

America’s Finest News Source

The Onion is the world’s leading news publication, offering highly acclaimed, universally revered coverage of breaking national, international, and local news events. Its critique of world events, human behavior, and journalistic convention have earned it dozens of accolades and spawned the careers of many of the most prominent voices in American humor. A satirical reflection of today’s digital news sources, The Onion has been one of the most influential voices in American culture for over 25 years.

  • 15M Unique Visitors Monthly
  • 54M Page Views Monthly
  • 6M Facebook Fans
  • 200M Post Reach (28 Day)
  • 9M Twitter Followers

The A.V. Club

The Smartest Culture on the Web

The A.V. Club is one of the internet’s longest-running pop-culture destinations, having opened its doors 20 years ago as a sister publication to The Onion. AV Club features the smartest, savviest news, reviews, interviews, and features, seven days a week There’s a reason that Wired called The A.V. Club “where smart kids go to get their media news and analysis.”

  • 8.5M Unique Visitors Monthly
  • 38M Page Views Monthly
  • 500K Facebook Fans
  • 27M Post Reach (28 Day)
  • 420K Twitter Followers


The most clickable, irresistibly shareable content anywhere on the internet.

ClickHole is a satirical look at the mindless and vapid viral culture currently swallowing the internet whole. From lists and quizzes to oral histories and choose-your-own adventure ClickVentures, ClickHole promises its readers mountains of irresistibly shareable content every single day, and remains fully dedicated to its mission statement that all content deserves to go viral.

  • 5.3M Unique Visitors Monthly
  • 16M Page Views Monthly
  • 550k Facebook Fans
  • 90M Post Reach (28 Day)
  • 240K Twitter Followers

Onion Studios

America’s Most Trusted Videos

Onion Studios is a dynamic digital video network featuring the best programming from Onion, Inc.’s iconic properties—The Onion, The AV Club, and ClickHole—as well as original series produced by our company’s world-renowned creative staff. Whether revisiting your favorite shows or exploring the vast catalog of videos produced by the smartest writers on the web, Onion Studios is the premiere destination for thoughtful, high quality comedy, social commentary, and pop culture criticism.